anton grebenkin

Congress center v1.0

Conceptula proposal
Almaty Kazakhstan 2018

Congress center v2.0

Conceptula proposal
Almaty Kazakhstan 2018


Residential complex project by Mas Architecture.
Seattle Washington 2018

University of Providence

Animation of the new "University of Providence" campus by NAC Architecture
Great Falls, Montana 2017

Landscape design

Fly-through animation of the small house courtyard in Canada
Toronto, ON, Canada 2017

SolarCity Townhouses

Visualization of energy-efficient residential buildings
Images are used for advertising purposes
Astana Kazakhstan 2017
Form, 3D visualization for architects, Dover, White cliffs
Competition for the development of a viewing platform on White Cliffs
Dover UK 2017
Form, 3D visualization for architects, Astana, gold mile
Gold mile multifamily
Visualization of a multifamily residential complex
Astana Kazakhstan 2016
Commercial Building
Astana Kazakhstan 2016
Form, 3D visualization for architects, Ryde, Australia, competition
City Council Building
Competition. Dismantling of the existing building and the construction of a new complex with the expansion of functionality
Ryde, Australia 2016
Modern decoration materials and fresh colors set the mood for images
Astana Kazakhstan 2016
Conception of Fitness center Building
The visualization is made in a maquette style with imitation of wood, plastic and cardboard materials
Astana Kazakhstan 2016
Form, 3D visualization for architects, Astana, multifamily, housing
Promenade expo multifamily
Visualization of a residential complex
Astana Kazakhstan 2015
Astana Kazakhstan 2015
About me
I am an architect with 6 years work experience in the design of residential and commercial buildings.

Have skills in drafting, 3d modelling, photo-realistic architectural 3d visualization and aided design software (CAD and Revit). Began my intern work as an architect in Astanaproject LLC Astana, Kazakhstan, studying at the University's 2nd year in 2012.

In the beginning of 2017 worked for Virgin Energy Management LLC as an Chief Architect. Realised project "Solar City" housing. At the same time started provide online service of architectural 3d visualization for real estate marketing.
Feel free to write and call me.
Astana, Kazakhstan
Phone: +7 701 270 36 00
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